Suryakala Charitable Trust

Together Towards Healthier Communities...

About us

SuryaKala is a non-profit, non-government organization working in the area of health and sanitation, the central office of which is located at Pipra Bishanpur of Sitamarhi district in Bihar, India. At present, our field area is Sitamarhi District which is one of the most disadvantaged areas in the country with the majority of people living below the poverty line and lacking behind the rest of the country in basic health services. We plan to extend our field areas to other similarly underprivileged areas of the country. We are working with a vision to

Decrease tobacco use.
Help in the eradication of Tuberculosis.
Help in the eradication of vector-borne diseases.
Help in the control of water-borne diseases.
Create clean and green villages.
Care of cancer patients.

SuryaKala Charitable Trust was established in 2015 with the goals of providing basic healthcare to the underprivileged communities where most of the burden of diseases like Tuberculosis and Vector-borne diseases lie.

Tuberculosis and Vector-borne diseases are strongly linked to the poor living conditions and poor personal and community sanitation. There has been a sure and steady surge in cases of cancers as well. The lack of even the basic healthcare facilities at both government and private level are major hindrances to the goal towards a healthy community. The very fact that people have to travel long distances to get even basic health care facilities puts a major strain on a local economy already in turmoil. Those who cannot afford the cost of travel and treatment are left without any health care at all, contributing to the further spread of communicable diseases like tuberculosis and vector-borne diseases. We are trying to provide the solution by starting a role-model community-based health care facility with Vaidehi Healthcare by which we aim to provide both basic health care and advanced healthcare by collaboration with prominent health care facilities available in the country.

From the time of establishment in less than a year, we have conducted a number of Super Specialty Health Camps in these areas and arranged for medical benefits for the poor as part of the feasibility study. During these health camps organized in collaboration with Medanta, Gurgaon on 20-22nd November 2015, 3500 patients and 2500 patients on 30-31st March 2016 visited and benefited from expert medical care. We also organized 'Mission TB Free, Sitamarhi' from 1-11thapril 2016 and screened over 9000 patients for Tuberculosis. We feel overwhelmed by the response we got and the gratitude people bestowed upon us. These events were received well and lauded even by the local media. These feasibility activities not only points towards the effectiveness these efforts will bring but the response we got also inspires us to carry on what we have started.

Tobacco consumption in all its forms not only contributes to growing number of cancer cases but also is a major risk factor for incidence of Tuberculosis. We have started initiatives to make villages 'Tobacco-free village'. We have started awareness camps, street shows, pamphlets and financial incentives to encourage people to quit smoking and we have started from the village where our central office is based and will soon be extending our activities to other villages in Sitamarhi district.

Health and Sanitation go side by side and one is neither effective nor complete without the other. The government of India has rightly and effectively started the 'Swacha Bharat Movement'. We are closely working with the local authorities to promote and build healthier villages through 'Clean and Green Village movement'. We plan to work closely with the government in building household and community toilets, planting trees and promoting safer drinking water to help promote health and sanitation.